Why I teach Lean Canvas / by Dennis Britton

I've seen and made lot of business plans. I've read many books on this topic back to the early days of entrepreneurship including the original '1 Page Business Plan. These all fell flat for me. Yawn. In fact I'm not really a fan of plans. They are so inert, So full of promises and assumptions that are bound to fool and fail. I'm reminded of sayings like these: "no plan of operations extends with any certainty beyond the first contact with the main hostile force." -Prussian von Moltke the Elder and Napoleon: ""I have never had a plan of operations." 

So what's different about the Lean Canvas? Well, nothing, if all you do is fill it out by yourself or with your team. The real power comes from methodically exposing the assumptions revealed by your business plan to the hard test of reality and using that knowledge to enlarge your understanding, rethink your ideas and rebuild your plan. Again and again and again. This moves the 'plan' into 'planning' and action, driving your activities towards vetting every assumption, focusing every idea and cultivating each customer until the product or service you provide is 'Otaku' or irresistible.